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The Haflinger is a versatile, athletic small horse from Austria. Loyal, strong and beautiful. Native to the Tyrolean Alps, his ancestry goes back to a half Arab stallion called ‘Folie’ who was bred to mountain mares in 1874. Only those horses who could be handled by all members of the family were kept and bred, therefore the nature of today’s Haflingers tend to be docile, friendly and willing to work hard.

The modern Haflinger stands between 13 hh and 15 hh with a chestnut body and flaxen mane and tail. His body colour can vary from honey coloured to dark red chestnut and he usually, but not always, has a star or stripe down his face. Originally used by farmers to tend their fields and crops, the Haflinger was used extensively by the army to pack armaments through some of the coldest and roughest terrain during the war. After the war, breeding was taken over by the Austrian government, and is now one of the most strictly selective and examined warmblood breeds in Europe.

The first Haflingers were imported to the United States in the 1960’s, with one herd arriving in the state of Washington purchased by the company of Heisdorf and Nelson. The other herd went to Tempel Farms in Illinois. There are now over 10,000 Haflingers in North America, with most imports having arrived from Europe within the last ten years. Breeders who have turned to Haflingers are captivated by their undeniable appeal and people-oriented personalities. They are intelligent, bold, and resilient; they learn quickly and are sensible, all attributes that earns them a place in the world of therapeutic riding, as well as on trails, in the dressage ring, jumping and combined driving.

Camp River Haflingers has had a breeding program since 1978 but sadly is no longer producing. Our bloodlines descend from the original Heisdorf and Nelson Haflingers imported in the 1960’s – top quality Haflinger Horses from Austria. Now Canadian bred and Canadian owned, we specialize in first class blood lines, maintaining the integrity of the breed while raising the standard of performance.  While we no longer own a stallion, we do have a few select Haflingers for sale.



Ganya Jenner


Ganya is a registered mare of 9 yrs old.  She is a product of the old lines and the modern lines:  her sire is Aristocrat TOF and her dam is Gesi Jenner, out of Golden Gaits and Mando.  She is on the small side but is a pretty mare and very lively.  She is trained to ride but needs a confident, energetic young rider.  She will make a fine eventing pony or an exciting and accurate games pony.  She is surplus to our requirements on our farm as we no longer have children at home and she is too small for us adults!

She would be a phenominal brood mare as well as the above active riding mount and is priced at  $5,000




Weko is a registered Haflinger Gelding and is 11 yrs old.  He goes back to old imported lines on his Sire’s side:  Sire – Wallot; Grandsire Waldemar II; Great Grandsire Welkom II and Great GrandamLorette.  On his Dam’s side he is Lottie’s Libra, Wandor and Lottie.

Weko is trained to ride.  He was rescued from a farm a few years ago when his owner passed away and no one was available to take care of the horses.  He has since come a long way in confidence and trust and is currently being used in an Equine Assisted Learning program where he gives confidence to young and old alike and teaches his students how to trust and communicate with one another.

Weko is priced at $3,500

La Fem FCF and Lennea CRH


These two mares are mother and daughter.  La Fem FCF has a star on her forehead and is 11 yrs old. Her sire is Noland of Hylite.  She is trained to ride and is currently being used as a vaulting horse for walk and trot vaulters.  (see home page to discover the sport of Equestrian Vaulting).

Lennea CRH is 6yrs old and is La Fem’s first offspring.  She has no star or stripe on her face but is similar in every way to her dam.  Her sire is Wilco’s Rainy Day FCF and her Grandsire is Noland of Hylite.  She is used to work with Equine Assisted Learning participants but has not been ridden or driven to date.  A very amenable temperament and is ready for training in any discipline.

La Fem will be sold as is for $8,000.

Lennea will be sold as is for $5,000

They will make a great team and together they will be sold for $12,000. 

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